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Every student has a right to the safest learning environment possible. No more running and hiding, no more memorials, just graduations.

Our Hospital Facilities: Doctors Within our Borders

As a long term project, Alert Inc. also would like to introduce a children’s and young adult psychiatric hospital, teaching, research and residential facility. Housing up to 1500 long term care patients, with up to 500 bed hospital facilities. Divided into three campuses, we will accept any patient nationwide regardless of financial position or healthcare provider. With the evident correlation between public shootings and psychiatric problems, we feel that it is our duty to not only increase school security but to tackle psychological problems at its roots. We are currently searching for locations in the Northeast, Midwest and the west coast. We are asking for doctors, nurses and social workers to volunteer one week a year to supplement our permanent staff. We call this Doctors Within Our Border. We have a number of volunteers signed up already, including one of the foremost burn specialist in the country, as well as doctors in many other fields. Doctors currently under threat in foreign countries can now schedule more surgeries and more procedures around the world right here in the United States, making it safer for medical professionals. This enables them to perform more procedures than ever before. Little to no travel time is needed to reach one of our facilities. More time for the specialists, means more time for them to perform. We will be asking the Government for speedy visas for those in need of medical procedures.

After 50+ years of severe violence without adequate school security in place, we at Alert INC are taking the lead in providing both American and global educational institutions with both hard and soft technologies. As well as the equipment and installation needed to fully protect our beloved students and staff. No parent or loved one should ever have to feel the heartache of a loss of a student or staff member. Every student has a right to the safest learning environment possible and this is Alert Inc.’s mission. No more memorials in our schools, just graduations. This organization will not stop until every school has our technology and equipment installed. Students today are simply not safe in their current learning environment.

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