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History of Losses

History of Losses

North American school shootings have dated back to as early as 1764, Pontiac's Rebellion school massacre was the first recorded. In what is now modern day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, A group of intruders entered a log schoolhouse shooting the schoolmaster and murdering 9 young children. For the next 250 years there has been countless acts of violence against students and staff members in our educational facilities with little to no effort to prevent it, not only in America but around the world.

The safety of American and global educational institutions is a serious concern that has been severely neglected especially in the last 50 years. On August 1, 1966 the Texas University Bell Tower shooting took place leaving 14 dead and 32 injured, labeling it as the first major mass shooting in modern American history. Almost 50 years have passed and yet no significant improvements have been made to safely secure our students and faculty in any educational institution. We’ve only seen an increase in violence with such tragedies as Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, leaving over 90 killed and 65 wounded in these combined events.

After 50+ years of severe violence without adequate school security in place, we at Alert INC are taking the lead providing both American and global educational institutions with both the hard and soft technologies, equipments and installation needed to fully protect our beloved students and staff. No parent or loved one should ever have to feel the heartache of a loss of a student or staff member. Every student has a right to the safest learning environment possible and this is Alert Inc.’s mission. No more memorials in our schools, just graduations.

University of Texas, Austin - 1966: Clock Tower Sniper Victims

Thomas Ashton

Robert Boyer

Thomas Eckman

Karen Griffith

Thomas Karr

Marguerite Lamport

Claudia Rutt

Roy Schmidt

Paul Sonntag

Billy Speed

Edna Townsley

Harry Walchuk

Margaret Whitman

Note: Additionally 32 more people were wounded in this massacre.

Columbine School Shooting, 1999 - Colorado

Cassie Bernall

Steve Curnov

Corey De-Pooter

Kelly Fleming

Matt Kechter

Daniel Mauser

Rachel Scott

Isaiah Shoels

John Tomlin

Lauren Townsend

Kyle Velasquez

Dave Sanders

Note: Additionally 24 more people were wounded in this massacre.

Sandy Hook Shooting, 2012 - Newtown, Connecticut

Noah Pozner

Charlotte Bacon

Jack Pinto

Olivia Engel

Dylan Hockley

Catherine Hubbard

Aveille Richman

Anne Marue Murphy

Jessica Rekos

Lauren Rousseau

James Mattioli

Josephine Gay

Rachel D'Avino

Caroline Previdi

Benjamin Wheeler

Chase Kowalski

Ana Marquez-Greene

Mary Sherlach

Daniel Barden

Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung

Grace McDonnell

Emilie Parker

Nancy Lanza

Allison Wyatt

Madeleine Hsu

Virginia Tech Massacre,2007 - Blacksburg, Virginia

Ross Alameddine

Christopher Bishop

Brian Bluhm

Ryan Clark

Austin Cloyd

Jocelyne Nowak

Daniel Cueva

Kevin Granata

Matthew Gwaltney

Caitlin Hammaren

Jeremy Herbstritt

Rachael Hill

Emily Hilscher

Jarrett Lane

Matthew Porte

Henry Lee

Liviu Librescu

G.V. Loganathan

Partahi Lumbantoruan

Lauren McCain

Daniel O'Neil

Juan Ortiz

Minal Panchal

Erin Peterson

Michael Pohle Jr.

Julia Pryde

Mary Read

Reema Samaha

Waleed Shaalan

Leslie Sherman

Maxine Turner

Nicole White

Note: Additionally 17 more people were wounded in this massacre.

In the recent past nationally and globally we lost over 1,000 students and staff members to violence in educational facilities. This number does not include the missing and the injured. Since December, 2014, Alert Inc. has been working diligently towards putting an end to school violence by securing schools through integrated surveillance technology and state of the art hard materials. All labor, materials and maintenance are free of cost. Please use our services and support us now. Any contribution will be appreciated.

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