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Every student has a right to the safest learning environment possible. No more running and hiding, no more memorials, just graduations.

Our Mission

Alert Inc. is a Not-for Profit Organization founded to better protect students and faculty in learning institutions across the nation. Our charity is privately funded. Alert Inc. is able to sustain itself entirely through private donations. 100% of the proceeds received by the organization go to the protection of our educational institutions. All employees are volunteers who donate their time to the charity. Our staff consists of students, law enforcement, and security specialists.

In order to better protect our institutions, Alert Inc. partners with school faculty, the student body and local law enforcement. We apply a comprehensive plan and security measures using sophisticated protocol and state of the art technology on a case by case basis. We specialize in installing cutting edge hardware and integrated security surveillance systems. Our program also includes a door monitoring system that will notify the school administration of anyone entering or exiting the building. This deters intruders from entering school grounds and students from leaving the facility during school hours. Our law enforcement volunteers familiarize themselves with the school in order to better respond during an emergency.

Our mission is to counteract violence, bullying and terrorism by thoroughly securing our schools. By providing a quicker response time for local law enforcement and creating a safe haven for every student and staff member within the educational facility itself we ultimately creating the safest learning environment in the world.

In addition, as a long term project, Alert Inc. also would like to introduce a children’s and young adult psychiatric hospital, teaching, research and residential facility. Housing up to 1500 long term care patients, with up to 500 bed hospital facilities. Divided into three campuses, we will accept any patient nationwide regardless of financial position or healthcare provider. With the evident correlation between public shootings and psychiatric problems, we feel that it is our duty to not only increase school security but to tackle psychological problems at its roots.